Icequia is a consulting company based in London since 2014, and in Paris since 2010. It was created in Nice (France) in 2009.

We work with clients from all over the world. Our team is composed of highly-skilled consultants who can help you reach your next business goals.

>> What does Icequia mean?

Icequia comes from the Spanish word Acequia (and Valencian Séquia), that comes from the Classical Arabic word "As-sāqiya" "الساقية", which means "the water conduit".

Acequias are usually historically engineered canals that carry snow runoff or river water to distant fields.
It can also refer to the long central pool in a Moorish garden, such as the Alhambra.

The first letter "I" (of Innovative) replaces "A" to give Icequia the symbolic meaning of  an "Innovative Acequia".

>> Registred Trademark:

Icequia is a trademark registred at the INPI (National Institute for Industrial Property) in France since 2009 under number: 3645839.
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